Samsung Chromebook Plus (Jan 2017)

Samsung Chromebook Plus

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Thin and lightweight, the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus are easily convertible from a laptop with a full keyboard to a tablet that’s comfortable to hold at only 2.38 lbs. In addition to a Quad HD high-resolution touch screen, these devices are the first Chromebooks to come with a built-in pen. This pen can be used with apps like Samsung ArtCanvas™ to make detailed drawing easy and fun. And you can not only capture handwritten notes but also search them with Google Keep.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Specs

  • Processor
    Rockchip RK3399

  • Operating System
    Chrome OS
  • Memory
    4 GB Onboard Memory

  • Display
    12.3″ 2400 x 1600
  • Storage:

  • WebCam
    HD Web Camera
  • Networking
    Wi-Fi Integrated 802.11 AC
    Built-in Bluetooth

  • Interface
    2 x USB 3.1 TYPE C port(s)
  • Power Adapter
    Plug Type :USB TYPE C

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