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What's The Best Chromebook?

If you’re asking yourself the question “Which Chromebook should I buy?”, then this simple to use tool is for you. Simply pick the features you’re looking for, and it will display only the models that match that criteria.

Ultimate Chromebook Setup Guide

The ultimate guide to setting up your brand new Chromebook.

What's The Best Chromebook?

In order to allow Chrome OS to change my life, I had to make a few changes myself. Chromebooks are fast, secure, and super easy to use. Basically the complete opposite of a Windows or Mac machine. But Chrome OS had to make some sacrifices in order to achieve these inherent benefits, which means you may need to make some sacrifices in order to take advantage of those benefits.

For whatever reason, many people often assume that Chromebooks will run Android apps from the Google Play store. For the most part, this is not true. While Google has ported a small handful of Android apps to work on a Chromebook, the vast majority of them do not work on a Chromebook.

File Transfer

As far as USB cables go, there are two basic methods for transferring files between two devices. One is called USB Mass Storage, and the other is called MTP (media transfer protocol). Chrome OS supports both.

Browse through a list of how-tos for your Chromebook. From basic settings, to complex troubleshooting methods this is your one-stop shop for Chromebook tutorials.

Very few things in life these days are as scary as getting a virus on your computer. Rest assured however, that it is nearly impossible for a Chromebook to be infected by an actual virus.

In this tutorial, I’m going to first explain how Google Cloud Print works. I think it’s important to understand how Google Cloud Print works, and how it’s different from what you may be used to.

The goal of this page is to layout some easy to read, non-intimidating instructions for some Crouton related stuff, and hopefully explain a few things along the way!


Welcome to Chromebook Guide


Hello and welcome to Chromebook Guide, an unofficial support site for Chromebook users looking for help with their Chromebooks.

My name is James Welbes, and I am a Top Contributor in Google’s Chromebook Central product forum. This website started out as a Google Doc that I used as a sort of canned answer resource; a place I could keep answers to common questions that users ask in the forum so I wouldn’t have to type them from scratch each time (the canned answers feature of the forum was not available at the time).

Eventually I turned the document into a website for organizational purposes, and I started to notice a significant amount of traffic. I realized that this website had the potential to do more than provide me with answers I can copy and paste into the forum. It’s actually helping many people every day find answers to common questions and issues.

So now I maintain this website with that in mind. I’m constantly laboring over how I can improve the website’s SEO so more people can find it, and how to improve the content so it’s actually useful when they do.

This website is not an all-inclusive resource for Chromebook users. There are many questions and issues that arise and I simply cannot address them all. My goal is to provide high quality answers for a handful of common subjects, such as virus/malware/bad extension issueshow to print from your Chromebook, what you can, and cannot install on a Chromebook and some general how-tos.

If you have a question that this website does not address, I encourage you to visit Google’s official Chromebook Central product forum, myself and the other volunteers will do our best to help you out.

If you’re trying to decide which Chromebook you should buy, you may find my Chromebook filtering tool helpful. This tool helps you pick the best Chromebook for you by letting you select the features you’re looking for, and displaying only the models that match those features.

Thanks for visiting!

-James Welbes

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