How to do a USB Restore on your Chromebook

How to do a USB Restore on your Chromebook

In order to do a USB Restore on your Chromebook, you’ll need a USB Stick (or an SD card) with at least 4GB of space. You will have to download the recovery image for your specific Chrome device onto this USB stick or SD card, then insert it into your Chrome device. This is similar to using a Windows install disc to install a fresh copy of Windows on your computer, we’re just using a USB stick or SD card instead of a disc.

  1. Things you’ll need in order to create your recovery image:
    • A computer, with admin rights (Chrome OS, Windows, Mac or Linux)
    • An empty 4GB or larger USB flash drive, or SD card
    • When recovering your Chromebook, make sure to create the recovery flash drive on the same model. For example, using an Acer AC700 WiFi recovery flash drive will not work on a Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook.

  2. If using a Chrome OS device, Windows machine, or Mac:
    • Open the Chromebook Recovery Utility Chrome app (download link)
    • Click blue “Get Started” button
    • Click link that says “Select a model from a list”
    • Select your Manufacturer, and Product (ex. Acer: Acer C720P)
    • Click blue “Continue” button
    • Insert your USB/SD card into an open port on your Chromebook, and the tool will automatically detect the media.
    • Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate storage media.
    • Click the Continue button.
      • All of the data on the recovery media will be deleted if you continue.
    • Make sure the media you’d like to use for your recovery is listed.
    • Click the Create now button.


  3. If using a Linux machine:
    • Download the recovery tool by clicking here.
    • Modify the script permissions to allow execution with the following command: $ sudo chmod 755
    • Run the script with root privileges with the following command: $ sudo bash
    • Follow the prompts from the tool to complete building the operating system image.


  4. Enter Recovery Mode (if you’re not already there)
    • For the following devices, you’ll want to power your device off, press and hold the recovery button, then power on the device while holding the recovery button.
      • LG Chromebase
      • Asus Chromebox
      • Acer AC700
      • CR-48
      • Samsung Series 5
      • Samsung Series 5 550
      • Samsung Series 3 Chromebox
    • For all other devices, Press Esc+Refresh then hold down the Power button while the unit is powered ON.

  6. Insert your USB flash drive or SD card

  8. Once the Chromebook finishes booting from the flash drive, follow the prompts.

  10. When prompted, remove the USB flash drive or SD card, and your Chromebook should automatically restart

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  1. This method is not working. I cannot get the recovery file(s) to copy onto the USB drive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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